As a worldwide OEM manufacturer of binoculars and other optical equipment,
We, Kamakura Koki Co., continue to manufacture high value-added products.

To the top of the world with innovative manufacturing

  • Kamakura Koki was founded in 1950. Since then, the company has boasted a history of more than 70 years dedicated to binoculars and has continued to provide superior products as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Today, we are proud of our many achievements as a partner of famous camera manufacturers and major optical equipment manufacturers, both in Japan and abroad. The driving force behind our success are following three key factors: "product development capabilities" that embody various needs with cutting-edge technologies, "production technology" that combines the latest production systems with skilled craftsmanship, and "international supply capabilities" that organically link our four bases around the world. The combination of these three factors enables Kamakura Koki to offer superior products and respond swiftly to customer needs. It has also been instrumental in helping us create a continuous stream of binocular tachnologies that have come to be regarded as global industry standards. As an international OEM, Kamakura Koki remains committed to providing higher-value-added products, harnessing a grobal information network to stay abreast of the latest needs and technological trends.

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